Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Victory: My Part, God’s Part and the Devil’s Plan in the Middle

We all want to live in victory as believers.  The struggle is choosing to surrender to God's plan to victory instead of our own distorted plan.  Today, we are going to unfold some verses that help us see how much action is involved with living  by faith and walking in victory.  Take time to read I Peter 5:6-11 and note all the action words that are used.
Actions for you to take:
1.  ____________ yourself.
2.  ___________ all on Him.
3.  ______ self-controlled and alert.
4.  ___________ him (the devil).
5.  ___________ firm in the faith.

Actions God takes:
1.  He will ___________ you up.
2.  He _______ for you.
3.  He ____________ you to His eternal glory.
4.  He will ____________ you.
5.  He will _____________ you __________________, _________________ and _______________.
6.  He holds all _____________ forever and ever.

Now that you see your part and God’s part, let’s talk about how to deal with the devil.  Notice he is mentioned right in the middle of our actions and God’s actions.  Isn’t that just like an enemy?  He tries to get in the middle of all that is going on and distract and destroy.  Write down how the devil is described in I Peter 5:8:
1.  He is ___________ enemy.
2.  He is ______________ around constantly.
3.  He is like a __________________ ________________.
4.  He is always __________________.
5.  He is set on ______________.

We have a real enemy, but we have a God who has a mighty hand to save us, sustain us, warn us and make us strong, firm and steadfast. Prayer as we go is a practiced and essential discipline.  Encouragement and realness with other believers is a needed accountability.  Time spent alone in the Word should be a non-negotiable.  Think back to the bleeding woman.  She is a vivid picture of knowing the necessity of getting to Jesus to be healed and set free.  We need to touch Jesus just as bad as she did.  Based on all you have learned or been reminded of this week, pour out your heart to God about the actions you need to take to live in victory by faith rather than defeated by fear!